How to transfer Airtime on GLO 2024 | GLO Transfer Code

How to transfer Airtime on GLO in 2024: Have you been searching for how you can transfer airtime to your family and friends? If so, I am happy to let you know that it is possible and I am going to take you through the steps needed to successfully share your airtime with your loved ones!

How to transfer Airtime on GLO

A little about GLO

GLO is one of the largest and leading telecommunication companies. 

Globacom Limited, commonly known as Glo (Global Communication), is a Nigerian multinational telecommunications company founded on 29 August 2003 by Mike Adenuga. As of June 2018, the company employs more than 3,500 people worldwide.

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GLO has over 45 million subscribers (December 2018), making it the second-largest network operator in Nigeria.

In 2011, GLO became the first telecommunication company to build an $800 million high-capacity fiber-optic cable known as Glo-1, a submarine cable from the United Kingdom to Nigeria. It is the first successful submarine cable from the United Kingdom to Nigeria.

Globacom has the following strategic business units: Glo Mobile, Glo Broad Access, Glo Gateway, and Glo-1.

Okay, enough about this! Let’s dive into the real deal here! 

As I said, transferring Airtime from your GLO number to your friends is possible and easy. All you need to do is to make sure you follow through with the guidelines explained below! TECHSPIKE.COM.NG got you covered!

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Enough with this intro, let’s get started!

Before you can make a transfer, you need to know what GLO transfer code means or in this case, what GLO airtime transfer code or GLO transfer code for airtime means.

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What is GLO Airtime Transfer Code

GLO Airtime transfer code is simply the short code (USSD Code) that is used to transfer airtime from a GLO line to another GLO line. The code to transfer airtime on GLO is *131#. Hey, don’t go yet! 

That *131# alone won’t do it because there is a format you need to follow to share airtime on GLO. Stay with me while I break this down for you!

GLO Default Transfer PIN

The default transfer PIN for every GLO user is 00000 and it is recommended that you change it for security reasons. You don’t want people to be sharing your credit without you knowing.

How to Change GLO Airtime Transfer PIN

If you have already changed your transfer PIN, you should skip this step but if you haven’t, simply follow the following steps;

  • Simply dial *132*00000*[New PIN]*[New PIN]#.

For instance; Your default PIN is 00000 and the new PIN you want to use is 12345.

You will simply dial *132*00000*12345*12345#.

There are several ways to change your GLO transfer PIN code, if you wish to know more, click here.

Okay, now let’s move to how you can transfer credit from GLO to another GLO user.

How to Transfer Airtime From GLO to GLO

In this section, I will give you the fastest, easiest, and surest method for how you can send airtime on GLO Nigeria which is by using the USSD code.

How to Share Airtime on GLO using USSD Code

This method is also simple. All you need is to follow the format below;

  • To share airtime on GLO, simply dial *131*recipient’s Phone number*amount*pin#

Assuming your password is 67890 and you wish to send 200 airtime to 09012345678.

All you need to do is to dial *131*09012345678*200*67890# and that’s it!

Hope you get it. Fine!

Below is a video you watch that will guide you on how to transfer credit on GLO in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Share Airtime on GLO

What is the default PIN for Glo airtime transfer?

If you have a new Glo SIM, then the default transfer PIN is 00000. To change this default PIN, dial *132*00000*[New PIN]*[New PIN]#.

Can I transfer airtime from Glo to MTN?

There is no way! I mean there is no code to transfer from GLO to another network service! You can only share airtime from GLO to another GLO line by using the USSD code or any other method.

How can I share Glo data?

To spread the love with your data you can add up to 5 Glo network users to your data plan and they get to enjoy immediate fast data services just like you.

You can share data with your loved ones via Glo cafe or follow the steps below: Dial *777# to add, remove, and list people sharing your subscription.

With this post, I am confident you have found what you are looking for but if by any means you have a question, kindly leave us a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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