How to generate Sterling Bank Token Code in 2024

How to generate Sterling Bank Token Code in 2024: Are you looking for how to get Sterling Bank token? If so, then you are on the right page!

How to generate Sterling Bank Token Code

As we all know the digital landscape has evolved, presenting us with unprecedented convenience and unforeseen threats. Cyber threats are on the increase every single day, so the need to secure our digital assets is now Paramount! That’s why we are here today!!

By using a Sterling Bank token code, customers can significantly enhance the security of their online banking activities.

The token’s ability to generate unique, time-sensitive OTPs ensures that only the authorized account holder can complete transactions and access sensitive information, adding an important safeguard in an age of increasing digital vulnerabilities.

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In this post, I will be taking you through how you can generate Sterling Bank Token in 2024. So, stick with me very carefully so as not to miss out on any details here! Remember, security must not be taken with a levity hand!

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  • Some Frequently Asked Questions

Without wasting much of our time here, let’s get this thing started!

I will kick start this with What Sterling Bank token is! 

What is the M-token?

The M-token is one of the authentication methods used for consummating transactions on Sterling Pro and the old Corporate Internet Banking Service

It is a mobile token hosted on an application and can be downloaded from your phone’s Playstore (iOS & Android).

What is the Sterling M-token?

Sterling M-token (Mobile Token) is the mobile application used to authorize login to some sterling applications & transactions using one-time passwords where required.

Types of Sterling Bank Token

The Sterling Bank basically has two types of tokens, which are:

  1. Hardware token
  2. Software token


  1. Hard token: This is a physical device that customers can use to generate security codes.
  2. Soft token: This is an application that can be downloaded on your mobile phone and used for generating the security code.

How to get Sterling Token

Simply visit the Google Play store (for Android users) or IOS store (for iPhone users), to download Sterling M-token. On the iOS store, the application is tagged “Sterling mToken” while on Google Play store, the application is tagged “Sterling Mtoken”.

After downloading, you will need to activate the M-token.

How to activate the M-token

Branch: Visit any of our branches to request to be profiled for the M-token.

After you have been profiled on the mobile application, the Admin sets up the other users: initiator, authorizer, and verifier, and selects the type of token each user should use.

Relationship Manager: Call/Email your Relationship Manager and request to be profiled on the M-token application

Customer Care:

Please send a duly signed written instruction with your company letterhead to

  • Your instruction should contain your corporate account number, username, mobile number, email address
  • After verification, a 16-digit activation code (Valid for 10 days) will be sent to your registered email address

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Generate Sterling Bank Token Code in 2024

How long is a One Time Password (OTP) valid for?

Sterling Bank OTP is valid for 30 seconds after generation.

Can I log into M-token application without an internet connection?

No, the M-token application requires an internet connection.

What do I do if my phone gets lost/stolen?

Send an email to or visit any of our branches to deactivate the M-token from your profile.

What do I do if I don’t receive the activation code?

Please send an email to OR visit us at any of our branches OR call your Relationship Manager.

How can I generate new activation codes while trying to migrate to a new device?

Go to ‘My token’, click on ‘Migrate token’ to reveal new activation and QR codes.

Can one of my token keys/profiles be deleted?

Yes, go to ‘My token’ and click on ‘Reset token’. Alternatively, you can select the token profile to be deleted by clicking on ‘Delete token’ in the settings menu at the top right corner.

How can I add multiple tokens?

On the landing page, click on ’Add token’ and follow the prompts to activate token.

Can OTPs be copied?

Yes, OTPs can be copied by selecting the icon next to the six-digit code.

Would the new M-token app be updated automatically on my device?

You are required to visit the App store on your iOS device or Play store on android to update the M-token app (Sterling M-token) but if your device has been configured to automatically update apps you won’t need to.

How do I download the M-token application on my device?

Follow these steps to install and use the M-token app:

  • Download the Sterling M-token app on IOS or Playstore
  • Send an M-Token profiling instruction to your Relationship Manager on your organization’s letter head
  • A 16-digit code will be sent to your email within 24hours. Use this code to complete your registration on the M-Token app.

Can I change my current token type?

Yes, you can change from a Hard token to a soft token. Please send a duly signed instruction via email to or visit us at any of our branches

TechSpike’s Conclusion

Wrapping up, I need you to take a moment to realize that safeguarding your financial well-being is an ongoing commitment.

The act of generating Sterling Bank tokens isn’t just a procedural step; it’s a proactive stance against the rising tide of cyber threats.

By arming yourself with this additional layer of defense, you’re taking a stand for digital security and asserting control over your financial journey. Take the step today as tomorrow might be too late!

If you have any questions regarding this post simply leave us a comment in the comment box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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