How to Transfer Data from Glo to Airtel 2024 [Answered]

How to Transfer/share Data from Glo to Airtel 2024: Welcome to, where we navigate the world of technology with ease and simplicity. Today, we’re focusing on a topic that’s crucial for many of us in the digital era: transferring data from Glo to another network. 

How to Transfer Data from Glo to Airtel

Specifically, we’re looking at how to transfer data from Glo to Airtel. Is this even possible? Well, stay with me to find out! So, let’s get started and dive into the world of data transfer!

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Glo and Airtel Networks

Glo and Airtel are two of the leading telecommunication network companies in Nigeria and they are growing every single day! Day in, and day out, they are growing very fast and this is due to the amazing offers they provide for their customers. Amazing offers include, cheap call rates, cheap data price, fast network speed, borrow me data, bonuses, and others!

How to Transfer Data on Glo 2024

In one of our articles, I explained how you can transfer data on Glo and I told you that you can use USSD code, SMS, and Glo mobile App [Glo Cafe Nigeria].

How to Transfer Data from Glo to Glo using USSD Code

To Transfer Data on Glo using USSD Code, you have to follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *127*00*recipient’s number# on your Glo line to add them to your transfer data list on Glo, 
  2. Dial *777#, then Select option 1 (‘Buy Data’)
  3. Select option 4 (‘Gift Data’) 
  4. Once you have selected ‘Buy Data,’ you will be presented with different data bundle options. Select option 3, ‘Gift Data,’ which allows you to transfer data to another Glo subscriber.
  5. Enter the phone number of the recipient 
  6. After selecting ‘Gift Data,’ you will be prompted to enter the phone number of the recipient. Enter the phone number, and make sure that you enter it correctly.
  7. Select the data bundle to transfer 
  8. Once you have entered the phone number of the recipient, you will be prompted to select the data bundle to transfer. Choose the data bundle that you want to transfer and proceed to the next step.
  9. Confirm the transfer After selecting the data bundle to transfer, you will be prompted to confirm the transaction. Make sure that you have entered the correct phone number and data bundle before confirming the transfer.
  10. Receive notification of the data transfer Once the transfer has been completed, both you and the recipient will receive a notification from Glo. The notification will confirm the amount of data that has been transferred and the validity period of the data bundle.

For example, if you want to transfer 500MB of data to a friend whose phone number is 08012345678, you would dial *777#, select option 1 (Buy Data), select option 3 (Gift Data), enter 08012345678, select 500MB, confirm the transfer, and wait for the SMS notification for confirmation.

Yes, if you are interested in the remaining methods, click here.

So, without wasting much of our time, let’s get this thing started. This is going to be interesting!

How to Transfer Data from Glo to Airtel

How to Transfer Data from Glo to Airtel via USSD code

This is the most popular and easiest way to get things done on Glo and Airtel. When it comes to transferring data from Glo to another Glo user, you can simply dial *777# but I am sorry to say that transferring data from Glo to Airtel using USSD code is NOT possible!

You know I could have simply told you to dial *….# but what will I gain from lying to you?

Okay, now that you know it is not possible using USSD code, how about via SMS?

How to Share Data from Glo to Airtel via SMS

My brother/sister, it is not possible to share data from Glo to Airtel users using SMS! Not possible!

Okay, since that method doesn’t work, how about using Glo mobile App [Glo Cafe Nigeria].?

How to Transfer Data from Glo to Airtel via Glo mobile App [Glo Cafe Nigeria]

Someone once told me it is possible to transfer Glo data to Airtel but after I did the research myself, I found out that he is a big Liar!

Okay, there is one last method which is by calling the Glo customer care.

How to Transfer Data from Glo to Airtel By Calling Glo Customer Support

We all know that when a problem happens to our Glo line, Glo customer support is always there to support us.

So, today when I woke up, I grabbed my phone and gave Glo customer care a call and told them I needed to make a transfer of data from my Glo line to an Airtel user but their reply was that it was simply not possible, and that I can only transfer data from Glo to Glo and not from Glo to another network!

So, the question is, is it possible? is there any trick to use?

Is it Possible to Transfer Data from Glo to Airtel

My answer will be simple and very straightforward because I hate lying.

It is not possible to transfer data from Glo to Airtel! There is no trick, no hack that can do it!

Well, the only way you can do that is by opening your bank account and sub for your Airtel friend from your Bank account!!! Rich kid! (lol)

TeezabTech’s Conclusion on How to Transfer Data from Glo to Airtel

In conclusion, transferring data from Glo to Airtel is simply not possible! So, if anybody tells you that you can transfer data from Glo to Airtel, it is simply telling you a fantastic lie!

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