Taraba State Postal Code 2024 | Taraba State Zip Code

Taraba State Postal/Zip Code 2024: Hello, TeezabTech.com.ng readers! Today, we’re diving into something incredibly practical and essential, especially for those living in or planning to interact with Taraba State: Taraba State postal code. 

Taraba State Postal/Zip Code

Understanding postal codes in Taraba State is not just about sending and receiving mail efficiently; it’s also about understanding a bit more about the area’s structure and organization. 

In this post, we will explore the various postal codes across Taraba State, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips. 

Understanding Postal Codes in Taraba State

Postal codes in Nigeria, also known as ZIP codes in some countries, are numeric codes that help in identifying specific regions for the purpose of sorting and delivering mail accurately. 

In Taraba State, each town and local government area has a distinct postal code, which ensures that mail and parcels are routed correctly.

List of Taraba State Postal/Zip Codes 

Below is the list of postal/Zip code for all the places in Taraba State; 


  • Presidential Lodge — 660213
  • Dorawa — 660211
  • Emirs Palace /Central Market — 660222
  • Magami — 660221
  • Kofai A/ Nunkal A — 660242
  • Barade Ward — 660224
  • Nassarawa (Jeka Da Fari) — 660271
  • Tudun Wada — 660223
  • Mayo Gwoi/ A. J. Owonniyi Estate — 660241
  • Kofai B/ Nunkai B/ Awoniyi Qtrs — 660243
  • Rural areas in Jalingo LGA — 660101


  • Zing town — 661103
  • Bitako — 661105
  • Bugong — 661104
  • Dinding — 661108
  • Lemman — 661107
  • Monkin — 661109
  • Yakoko — 661106




  • Bakundi — 672101
  • Dakka — 672102

DONGA : 671102

All the towns and villages situated in Donga LGA make use of 671102.

GASHAKA : 633101

All the towns and villages located in Gashaka make use of 663101.


  • Gassol — 672104
  • Mutum Biyu — 672103


  • Dampara — 670111
  • Ibi — 670109
  • Sarkin Kudu — 670110


  • Oldmuri — 662107
  • Wurkum — 662106

KURMI : 671104

All the towns and villages situated in Kurmi make use of 671104 as their postal code.


  • Abbare — 662104
  • Gowe — 662103
  • Karlahi — 662105
  • Kunini — 662105
  • Lau town — 662101

SARDAUNA : 663102

All the towns and villages situated in Sardauna make use of 663102.

TAKUM : 671101

All the towns and villages located in Takum make use of 671101.

USSA : 671103

All the towns and villages situated in Ussa make use of 671103 as their postal code.


  • Arufu — 670107
  • Auyi — 670102
  • Bantaje — 670108
  • Chonku — 670104
  • Gidan Idi — 670106
  • Kente — 670105
  • Rafin Kada — 670103
  • Wukari — 670101


  • Kwaji — 661102
  • Mumuye — 661101

TeezabTech’s Conclusion on Taraba State Postal/Zip Code 

Knowing the right postal code for different areas in Taraba State is vital for efficient mail delivery and even for online transactions that require a location identifier. 

Whether you’re a resident, a business owner, or just someone needing to send a parcel or letter to someone in Taraba State, this post aims to make your task easier. 

At TeezabTech.com.ng, we believe in providing information that not only informs but also adds value to your everyday life. 

Remember, the right postal code ensures your mail reaches its destination timely and accurately, a small detail that makes a big difference!

If you have any questions regarding this post simply leave us a comment in the comment box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for stopping by! 

List of Nigeria Postal/Zip Codes for all 36 States and FCT

Below is the list of postal/zip code for all the states in Nigeria, including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Note: You can click on the state to know the exact or close postal/zip code for your location.

1Abia State Postal Code440001
2Adamawa State Postal Code640001
3Akwa Ibom State Postal Code520001
4Anambra State Postal Code420001
5Bauchi State Postal Code740001
6Bayelsa State Postal Code561001
7Benue State Postal Code970001
8Borno State Postal Code600001
9Cross River State Postal Code540001
10Delta State Postal Code320001
11Ebonyi State Postal Code840001
12Edo State Postal Code300001
13Ekiti State Postal Code360001
14Enugu State Postal Code400001
15Gombe State Postal Code760001
16Imo State Postal Code460001
17Jigawa State Postal Code720001
18Kaduna State Postal Code700001
19Kano State Postal Code800001
20Katsina State Postal Code820001
21Kebbi State Postal Code860001
22Kogi State Postal Code260001
23Kwara State Postal Code240001
24Lagos State Postal Code100001
25Nasarawa State Postal Code962001
26Niger State Postal Code920001
27Ogun State Postal Code110001
28Ondo State Postal Code340001
29Osun State Postal Code230001
30Oyo State Postal Code200001
31Plateau State Postal Code930001
32Rivers State Postal Code500001
33Sokoto State Postal Code840001
34Taraba State Postal Code660001
35Yobe State Postal Code320001
36Zamfara State Postal Code880001
37Abuja Postal Code900001

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